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bordeaux_rpg's Journal

Bordeaux School of the Arts
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A new band slash rpg

Welcome to Bordeaux School of Arts RPG!

This community is set in the Bordeaux University of Arts, right in the heart of New York City: Manhattan. Only those students who are passionate enough about what they love get into this prestigious and remarkable institution. Known for being strictly demanding of their students, the school offers seven different degrees with their respective majors earned after the four years of studies all of them require. These are: Visual Arts, Photography, Writing, Film, TV & Journalism, Theatre & Acting and Sound. The students, who live on campus (no exceptions), will be assigned a permanent room unless they ask for a change, which will be discussed with both their counsellors and heads of dorm. They will be moved to another room upon approval. When it comes to tuition matters, students may ask for a loan but will require a work-study program to pay it back.

Although having wide expansions of landscape, the university only consists of ten buildings, four that correspond to the academic development of the students: the classrooms, the audiovisual room, the music room, the computer room and the teacher's lounge. The other six are for the student's personal needs, which are their own rooms (the only ones that form a big building, linked by the lounge that splits it into West and East wings), the library, the cafeteria, the showers and the infirmary. All of them are open 24/7, except the library, which closes at 10 PM sharp. The library is the only one that possesses reading rooms and research centers, in the wide and nicely decored lounge, the students can sit in the comfortable white and black sofas while waiting in between classes.

& The Rooms.

When it comes to student's rooms, we have made this little draft that could help you out. Each room consits of two beds, two desks, a shelf and a wardrobe. Students can bring their stuff with them (ex: mini-frigde, tv & game consoles, etc.) but just remember the space is a bit limited. Also, once you're in, you'll be asigned a roommate. You can change rooms if you want to, but you can't pick who you're going to be placed with, end of it.

& Community Rules

1) No OOC drama, please. No one needs that and it shouldn’t have anything to do with the IC stuff going on. If you have a problem with another player, contact one of the mods. If you are reported, you'll have a warning. After three warnings, you're out, that simple.

2) No killing off a character or abusing of 'suicidal tendencies'. Seriously? It's annoying, and it's not fun. If you would like to leave the community contact a mod and the character will then be put up for grabs again. In the header of your application please put, “Cold As…”

3) Mpreg and marriage aren’t fit for a place like this. Engagements might be considered, but you should talk to one of the mods first.

4) Please make your LJ and AIM screen name somewhat related to your character. You can't use your personal journal or an account you're using in another community. I don't care about friends filter or whatever, it is not allowed, unless you have a very good reason.

5) Updates should be at least three times a month (more if you’d like). Those who are inactive will get a warning to update – if the status of the journal does not change the character will be up for the taking again. Add “fire” to the rest of your application subject.

6) Make all characters for students between the ages of 17 – 23. All staff members please make characters at least over 25. Have them act maturely enough - this is college, not highschool.

7) Any MAJOR story line/drama scene must be agreed upon by both parties involved. That includes: rape, beating up another character, etc. However, constantly dramatic attitudes coming from your characters will NOT be tolerated. You can't have your character hit by a car, moping over a dead grandma, and going suicidal all af the same time. Just, NO.

8) Please, please take the time to get to know everyone. This is a community and the more RPs going on the more fun everyone tends to have. (:

9) Story book mode only, please. We appreciate the skill of talented writers! Moreover, you're not allowed to Typ3 LyKe ThiZ and remember kids: grammar is your friend.

10) Your avatar must be of the person you’re RPing as. Please do not use an avatar of Bert McCracken if you play Gerard Way. This should be obvious, but anyhow, do it.

11) If you’re going away, or won’t be active for a few days or more, please contact a mod or comment this entry. If you’re non-active for three weeks or more, your journal will be considered abandoned, and your character will be up for grabs.

12) Second characters are not allowed at the moment. However, if you're so desperate and believe you can handle two at the same time, contact a mod and we'll discuss it.

13) Be realistic when it comes to your character. If they've had an accident, it's obvious they'll have to wait a determinated hospital stay, the time depending on what's happened to them. Also, if your character decides to have a pet, they should TAKE CARE of it. All animals need to be fed, loved and treated carefully: it's as much of a responsability as their studies are.

14) Disrespect the mods and you'll be instantly kicked out of this place. If you have some kind of trouble or complaint about the RP, make sure it's worth it, we don't want people bitching and complaining about everything.

15) Chat RPs are HIGHLY encouraged. If we can get everyone to work around scheduled chat RPs (for things such as classes, outings, clubs, etc.) then such will be done and listed within themain community. If you'd like to start up your own chat RP with a few people just let them know in advance OOC and make it.

16) No females, sorry. It's a band based slash RPG, this means: no OC's, no models, no actors and of course, no females.

17) In your journals info, make sure to post a disclaimer, we don't want anyone getting sued. Plus, all your posts in your journal must be friends only.

& Applications

Application for Student:

Your Name:
Your Age:
Character's Name/Band:
Character's Age:
Brief Bio (intended major(s)?):
RP Sample (at least a paragraph):
Character picture: (If it's a character who tends to change their apparence every now and then [ex: frank iero, jeph howard] please post the exact image of how they'll look in the Rp)

Application for Staff:

Your Name:
Your Age:
Character’s Name/Band:
Character’s Age:
Professor Of:
Brief Bio:
RP Sample (at least a paragraph):
Character Picture:

Taken Characters

& Mods:

Name: Luzy | Personal Journal/AIM: diewiththeflame / yellow ego box

Name: Ashley | Personal Journal/AIM: artisticmuddle / artistic muddle


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